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Sofics DTSCR patent prevails over prior art in EPO opposition

[Press Release] Lantiq Licenses Sofics on-chip ESD Solutions

October 07, 2014 – Lantiq announces that it entered into a license and settlement agreement including Sofics' patented DTSCR protection clamps. Through an inquiry before the European Patent Office, Lantiq had sought review of Sofics' DTSCR patent EP 1 368 874... Read More

[Press Release] Sofics wins award at the European Patent Office

October 07, 2014 – Sofics announces that it opens a window for semiconductor companies to settle unlicensed use of DTSCRs under amicable conditions. The European Patent Office Board of Opposition confirmed that Sofics' DTSCR patent prevails with novelty and inventive step over the prior art... Read More

[NDA] Sofics opens window for amicable settlement of DTSCR use

October 07, 2014 – Sofics offers a non-incriminating procedure to discuss and review amicable conditions to settle unlicensed DTSCR use, beginning with a custom non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that can be downloaded here.