New Company, Proud Tradition

Sofics became an independent company on June 26, 2009. Yet it is heir to a tradition of revolutionary innovation in electronics that extends back to the founding of RCA Laboratories in Princeton, NJ, USA in 1942.

Among the many breakthroughs invented by RCA Labs, later renamed Sarnoff Corporation, were the scanning electron microscope, all-electronic color television, the LCD display, the first practical semiconductor laser, amorphous silicon solar cells, and the process for making CMOS devices.

Our company grew out of a project in Sarnoff’s ESD laboratory in the late 1990s. There a group of researchers, led by Sofics founder and CEO Koen Verhaege, developed TakeCharge®, a radically new ESD protection technology for ICs. TakeCharge enabled robust ESD protection in a much smaller silicon footprint. It quickly became the industry standard.

On October 2, 2000 Sarnoff announced the formation of Sarnoff Europe, a subsidiary based in Gistel, Belgium, with Verhaege as managing director. It assumed primary responsibility for developing and marketing TakeCharge.

Sarnoff Europe greatly expanded on the original innovations of its parent company. It created TakeCharge versions for each successive generation of CMOS processes, developed versions for other technologies, and added new products and services to its portfolio.

On July 2, 2009, seven days after buying out the rights to the technology and becoming independent, Sarnoff Europe changed its name to Sofics. The new name, short for “Solutions for ICs,” signals a new approach.

Sofics is focused exclusively on products and services to help IC designers and manufacturers create advanced, fully protected chips. This lets us be nimbler in responding to the evolving needs of the industry and our customers. We also have a more flexible business model, with more options for structuring a license or engagement. Our goal is to make our technology accessible to customers of all types and sizes.

We are carrying the tradition of innovation into the future.