On-chip ESD resolutions with proven process portability

Sofics has verified its on-chip ESD technology on more than 50 processes. Standard and customized solutions can thus be provided almost immediately.

Node Voltage domains Foundries
350nm HV 3.3V, 15V TSMC
250nm BCD, generation I, II 12V, 24V, 40V, 60V TSMC
180nm BCD, generation I, II 18V, 24V, 32V, 40V, 60V TSMC, UMC, TowerJazz
180nm CMOS 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V TSMC, UMC, Silterra
130nm CMOS 1.0V, 1.2V, 3.3V, 5V, 7V TSMC, UMC, TowerJazz, HHGrace, Lfoundry
90nm CMOS 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.3V TSMC, SMIC
65nm CMOS 1.0V, 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V TSMC, UMC, GF
40nm CMOS 0.9V, 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V TSMC
28nm CMOS 0.85V, 0.9V, 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V, 5.5V, 12V TSMC, UMC
16nm FinFET 0.8V, 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V TSMC

Our on-chip ESD technology is developed with portability as a main condition. Sofics plain-CMOS solutions have been ported to different foundries and process nodes in a few weeks.

If your company is an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) with its own fab, we can implement Sofics solutions in your process. Sofics has successfully customized and ported its ESD/EOS solutions to IDM processes in more than 35 technology transfer projects.

Find out how Sofics can help to pass your ESD, latch-up and/or EOS requirements. Provide us some information about your current project and receive our reply shortly.