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Join our team and support semiconductor companies globally in their development of the next electronics products from smartphones, wearables, over cars, to sensors for CERN and control units for robots on Mars.

Career opportunities

Senior Analog Designer

You join our team of top notch, ambitious and innovative microelectronics engineers.

You strengthen the analog and high voltage design team and IP portfolio.

You help to drive our roadmap, define the specifications, and you study the feasibility of our innovations.

You work in the analog IP development team, and you improve your and their level of technical expertise.

Lab technician

As a member of our enthusiastic and innovative research team, you are responsible for the characterization and verification of micro- and nanoelectronics structures and circuits designed in-house.

You build the required measurement set-ups, help create the test board PCB design and also write software code to control the equipment and read out and properly store the relevant data.

You also take care of the data-management of the measurements and the regular maintenance of various specialized devices.

CAD support engineer

As a member of our CAD support team, you will assist our nanoelectronics design engineers with the setup and maintenance of our front-end and back-end Semiconductor EDA design tools.

In this way you make an important contribution to the development of the latest electronics that can be found in wide applications worldwide (smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs, radio, Bluetooth devices and much more).

ESD Engineer

You will join our team of ambitious and innovative engineers.

You will design and develop circuits for on-chip EOS (electrical overstress) and ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection of integrated circuits (ICs) in silicon technologies.

You participate in top applied research and work on both internal and international industrial projects with top-10 semiconductor companies.

You will develop strategies and solutions at transistor level, and more complex circuits that go into production in the world’s most advanced factories.