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Sofics has ESD experience in over >50 technologies for design, layout review, problem solving, testing,... Sofics on-chip ESD protection support varies from study of a specific application and giving guidelines for ESD protection in that specific application, to debugging ESD issues in a product failure, testing,...

  • Quickest service for any ESD related problem

Expert test engineers, state of the art in-house ESD test laboratory

Fully equipped ESD test lab:

  • Keytek Mk.2
    • HBM/MM ANSI/ESDA and JEDEC on packaged dies
    • Latch-up JEDEC on packaged dies

  • BEI 4002 TLP: TLP on packaged and bare dies
    • Pulse width options: 75ns, 100ns
    • Rise time options: 200ps, 2ns, 10ns, 20ns

  • BEI 4012 VF-TLP: VF-TLP on bare dies
    • Pulse width options: 1ns, 2ns, 5ns, 10ns
    • Rise time options: 100ps, 200ps, 400ps

  • Keithley 4200 and Micromanipulator: DC leakage and IV tracing on packaged and bare dies
    • Parametric analyzer
    • Thermo chuck for measurements up to 200°C

  • Teseq NSG 438: ESD zap gun for IEC 61000-4-2 tests

Sofics is not certified for qualification tests

  • Standard and customized ESD measurements

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