• I/O design

Analog I/O's

Despite the fact that the world is going digital, many ICs still have analog I/O's - in fact analog design has never been more relevant. At Sofics, we are ready to help you designing your analog pads, to enable any signal. Some typical requirements we have come across include:
  • High frequency: probably the most sought after solutions for ESD protection - to add low capacitive loading to enable high frequency. Sofics has lowered capacitance to below 10fF, still achieving 200V HBM.
  • Overvoltage tolerant: where digital signals typically remain in the 0V upto VDD range, analog signals can swing higher than VDD. Classical dual diode protection for ESD is no longer possible, and specialized solutions are required.
  • Undervoltage tolerant: when 0V is simply not low enough for your signal, Sofics can offer solutions matching this requirement
Sofics analog pads are included in over 1000 ICs. Let yours be next.

  • The flexibility of Sofics solutions at its best

Digital I/O's

When the foundry I/O Library does not offer what you need, Sofics can help to fill the gaps.
Sofics experience includes:
  • I/O's with higher ESD tolerance
  • I/O's with EOS specifications (typically IEC 61000-4-5)
  • Standard I/O's in SOI

  • Sofics, to boldly go beyond standard libraries

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