• ESD robust level shifters

Level shifters

ICs having multiple power domains need interface circuitry between the different domains; if the voltage level of the domains differ, level shifters are used. Often a level shifter turns out to be the weakest link during ESD stress, especially during CDM. To avoid this, Sofics develops level shifters with inherent high ESD robustness.

  • Boost ESD protection with Sofics' interdomain interfaces


Sofics has been designing ESD protection strategies for over 20 years. After implementing good core protection, and scrutinizing each I/O to increase ESD levels, interdomain interfaces are the weakest link for ESD. Often during CDM failures can occur when one power domain discharges faster than the other. At the heart of Sofics level shifters, the trade offs between speed, area and ESD robustness are optimized per IC. As every design has its own complexity and trade offs, we work with you to have a close look at your requirements and specifications.

  • Shift CDM levels with Sofics interdomain interfaces