• Low Capacitance analog IO's

Analog I/O's

Despite the fact that the world is going digital, many ICs still have analog I/O's - in fact analog design has never been more relevant. At Sofics, we are ready to help you designing your analog pads, to enable any signal. Many of these are high frequency/high speed. The capacitance loading at the pad must be minimized.
With the progressing of technology, the transistors are becoming more prone to ESD damage. A spike of a few volts suffices to damage gate oxides, or drain-source junctions. This makes ESD protection more difficult, and the demand for low capacitance all the more a challenge. Sofics has helped many customers finding an optimum between ESD protection, and enabling high speed through low capacitance ESD solutions. Some examples are given below.

Digital I/O's

When the foundry I/O Library does not offer what you need, Sofics can help to fill the gaps.
Sofics experience includes:
  • I/O's with higher ESD tolerance
  • I/O's with EOS specifications (typically IEC 61000-4-5)
  • Standard I/O's in SOI

  • Sofics, to boldly go beyond standard libraries

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