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LIN PHY tape out succesfull

LIN PHY taped out

Sofics' succesfully tape out a LIN PHY in TSMC 0.25um BCD. Evaluation is expected by the end of 2018. The LIN PHY can be ported to any technology. Other automotive PHY's such as CAN-FD are also on the roadmap.

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New Product
PhyStar is released as a new product portfolio

PhyStar Released

Sofics' announced the release of a new product, PhyStar, to complement the TakeCharge and PowerQubic IP portfolio's. With PhyStar, a higher level of integration is reached. The first PHY to be qualified is LIN - for automotive applications. CAN-FD is also on the roadmap. Aside from predesigned PHY's, PHY subcircuits are also offered, such as an antenna clipping circuit, commonly used in NFC applications. Of course, custom developed PHY's are also still offered.

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Design and Reuse

Design-and-Reuse now lists Sofics' IP.

Design-and-Reuse and Sofics have started a collaboration, allowing D&R to show Sofics' IP on the design-and-reuse webiste. A login is required to see all details!

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Sofics IP on Chinese website

Chinese website MooreElite lists Sofics' IP

To strenghten our presence in the Chinese market, Sofics' IP is now uploaded to MooreElite, a IP broker site specifically targetting China.

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Vendor page for Sofics available at Anysilicon.

Sofics' IP listed on Anysilicon

Check out Sofics' vendor page at Anysilicon , the "Google of the Semiconductor Industry". Aside from TakeCharge and PowerQubic , the IP listed includes Sofics LIN PHY , Power-on-Reset (POR) circuit, antenna clipping circuit , digital and analog IO pads and CDM robust level shifters .

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