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Website useage

By using Sofics’ website, you don’t share any personal information with Sofics.
Google Analytics is used to understand the behavior of users on our website. This allows us to measure traffic and view trends for the Service. This tool collects information sent by your browser or mobile device, including the pages you visit and other information which is only used to improve our website, and gives us feedback on the general interest in the product offering, including regional differences. To ensure your privacy, this data is collected after anonymizing your IP Address. More information can be found here No cookies are used, or will be installed

Contact us form/email

By filling in and sending us information through email, you can of course voluntarily share your contact information with us. This information is only used to send you the information you request, and to discuss business opportunities.


With the exception of Google Analytics, no information is collected or shared by/with any third party.