• Radiation hard IP

Radiation hard

Some ICs need to operate in radiation intense environments. Airplanes, satelites, or radiation measurement equipment. Special measures need to be taken to ensure operation and reliability of these ICS. In general, 2 types of radiation hard specifications exist:
  • TID (Total Ionizing Dose): this is a long term reliability issue. Especially (thick) gate oxides can suffer from degradation. It is expressed in rad; typical specifications go from kilorad to few hundreds megarad range.
  • SEU (Single Event Upset): high energic particles creating electron-holre pairs, can cause upset events such as latch up. SEU is expressed in LET (Linear Energy Transfer), with specfications going up to 120 LET for space applications such as satelites. LET is the energy divided by the distance (MeV/cm); sometimes it is divided by the density of the material, and the unit MeV·cm²/mg is used.
In general, radiation hard circuits are hard to design without adding a lot of redundancy.

  • Have Sofics radiation hard expertise added to your design

Sofics Radiation Hard IP

Sofics ESD is used high in the air, in airplanes and satelites, and deep below ground, in specific radiation measurement equipment. Though the main focus has been SEU, Sofics also makes TID IP going into the megarads. All Sofics IP blocks can be converted to radiation hard IP.

  • IP block for any radiation hard application