• ESD protection for automotive applications

Automotive electronics need special ESD protection solutions.

  • Automotive electronics used in safety critical like applications have severe ESD/EOS and EMC requirements. These chips are typically fabricated in high voltage or BCD technologies.

  • Another type of automotive electronics is used for ADAS, infotainment. While these chips have more standard EOS/ESD requirements they are manufactured in advanced CMOS or FinFET technology that is easily damaged during ESD stress.

Sofics has proven technology for automotive electronics

We support different kinds of automotive applications with 3 IP portfolio’s

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  • TakeCharge

  • Automotive applications like Infotainment, ADAS, … rely on advanced CMOS/FinFET technology. However, these processes are easily damaged under ESD/EOS stress. TakeCharge® solutions protect the most sensitive nodes and add additional benefits.

  • PowerQubic

  • Safety critical, sensor integration and engine control applications are built using high voltage CMOS/BCD technology. For these applications PowerQubic® is a perfect match: high robustness for a combination of harsh ESD, EOS, LU and EMI specifications.

  • PhyStar

  • Sofics has developed robust circuit and interface solutions that handle transients disturbances. Today, an automotive standard LIN transceiver/PHY with integrated ESD, EOS and EMC robustness is available. CAN and other interface PHYs are on the roadmap..

Sofics can support your next automotive electronics product