• ESD protection for wired, wireless and optical communication

High-bandwidth interfaces require custom ESD protection.

  • ESD protection with ultra-low parasitic capacitance is required

  • Frequently, sensitive thin-oxide transistors are tied directly to the interfaces

  • The interfaces typically operate below the standard IO voltage

Proven ESD technology for high-bandwidth communication.

Our customers have integrated Sofics ESD protection into their Data center communication chips running at high interface speeds of 28Gbps to 112Gbps. Both optical and wired connections have been protected. Other customers used it for wireless indoor positioning chips running beyond 10GHz. Further, IC developers for USB, HDMI, DisplayPort communication have used Sofics ESD protection up to 8kV protection, fit for consumer use.

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  • Proven technology

  • Sofics ESD technology has been included in 4500+ mass-produced IC designs, corresponding to millions of wafers and silicon proven on 50 different processes including 180nm through 22nm CMOS as well as on advanced FinFET technology. More than 10 Silicon Photonics designs rely on Sofics ESD.

  • Lowest parasitic capacitance

  • Sofics has developed ESD solutions that enable high-bandwidth communication. The local protection clamps feature ultra-low parasitic capacitance for regular or higher ESD robustness. The local clamp approach does not require a resistance in the signal path and also does not require a short distance to the power clamp.

  • Protecting most sensitive transistors

  • Our engineers have created ESD solutions that can protect the most sensitive semiconductor circuits. Frequently, high-bandwidth interfaces require thin-gate oxide transistors to be connected directly to the outside world. Proven in advanced CMOS and FinFET technology!.

Sofics can support your next communication chip

  • Wireless interfaces

  • Sofics IP was used in Bluetooth, NFC, indoor positioning and sensor networks.The wireless interfaces need low-leakage ESD protection for LNA inputs with high Q factor. They also need ESD clamps with low parasitic capacitance. Sofics clamps provide standard ESD robustness and do not require a resistance in the signal path.

  • Silicon Photonics

  • We have worked with leaders in the Silicon Photonics market for more than 15 projects on 180nm CMOS down to 7nm FinFET and BiCMOS processes. One of the key challenges they struggle with is the need to limit the capacitance between the interface pads and the supply lines. Sofics engineers have delivered ESD protection with parasitic capacitance below 15fF.

  • High-speed digital SerDes

  • For high-speed interfaces chip designers need to limit the parasitic capacitance of the on-chip ESD protection clamps connected to the interfaces. Because the traditional ESD approach is not good enough, they need special analog I/O circuits. Sofics engineers have delivered ESD clamps to fabless companies building their own high-speed digital interfaces (28Gbps to 112Gbps).

  • Consumer applications

  • There are numerous high-bandwidth communication types used in the consumer space like HDMI, DisplayPort, USB. The throughput has been steadily increasing over the years (Several Gbps to 20Gbps) which meant a further reduction of the parasitic capacitance of the analog I/Os was required. However, these consumer products also need higher robustness against Electrostatic Discharge. Frequently, 8kV HBM or even IEC 61000-4-2 capable clamps have been requested.

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