• ESD protection for radiation hard electronics

Radiation hard electronics need special ESD protection solutions.

  • Semiconductor devices that are used at high elevation or in space can get damaged due to enhanced radiation.

  • This is also relevant for semiconductor devices used in fundamental particle research (like Cern), medical imaging or nuclear facilities.

  • I/O circuits and ESD protection solutions need special attention to prevent degradation or single-event latch-up due to radiation.

Sofics has proven technology for radiation hard electronics

Our technology has been used for several rad-hard projects

Contact us to discuss ESD protection for your application.

  • Proven technology

  • Sofics ESD technology has been included in 4500+ mass-produced IC designs, corresponding to millions of wafers. The IP has been used for harsh environments like in space, aerospace, fundamental particle research.

  • Broad solution spectrum

  • Sofics has ESD solutions for the different power domains and for every type of interface. Our ESD clamps without (thick) gate oxides are a perfect match for rad-hard applications. The technology can be easily customized to fit various requirements.

  • Beyond standard specifications

  • Sofics creates ESD clamps with ultra-low leakage for low power applications. Clamps can be scaled to high ESD robustness like 8kV HBM. Customized Sofics ESD protection clamps can tolerate a higher voltage beyond the GPIO limits.

Sofics can support your next radiation-hard product

  • Cold-spare interfaces

  • Sofics Analog I/O solutions with local ESD protection are a perfect match for cold-spare interfaces that cannot tolerate a diode to Vdd. The local clamp has low-leakage, low parasitic capacitance, fits in a small area and provides effective protection for thin-oxide transistors.

  • Low-power applications

  • Customers have integrated Sofics ESD in systems running for 10-years on 1 coin battery. The leakage of our ESD cells is 100x lower compared to conventional approach. Huge improvements can be made in stand-by, sleep, operational modes and during power-cycles. Sofics has solutions available for interfaces and rail clamps.

  • Beyond standard voltage levels

  • Our IP was used for sensor interfaces, battery connections and more. We have delivered solutions for high voltage tolerance (5V and higher) and also protected interfaces based on thin oxide transistors (1V and lower) thanks to a flexible but deterministic solution set

  • Harsh environments

  • Semiconductor devices are used in new environments, hard-to-reach locations like space, large hadron collider research or nuclear facilities. Our ESD clamps are easily scaled to any ESD/EOS protection level and are immune to single-event latch-up events.

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