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  • Proven technology

  • Sofics on-chip ESD protection and custom/specialty Analog I/O’s and PHY’s are licensed to 100+ fabless companies worldwide.

    The technology has been silicon proven on more than 50 different processes and integrated into more than 4500 IC designs since 2000. Our technology is patented in more than 35 patent families.

  • IC Business solutions

  • Lower your costs;

  • Increase your revenue and profit;

  • Reduce your operational risk;

  • Create value for your customer.

  • Benefits

  • Fabless companies using Sofics IP can enable higher performance, higher robustness and reduce design time and cost.

    We have developed and characterized new (ESD) concepts with several benefits like lower parasitic capacitance (>30%), lower leakage (orders of magnitude), tolerance to higher voltages (5V analog pads in 1.8V CMOS technology), higher ESD protection (2x, 4x) in the same silicon area, …


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  • On-chip ESD/EOS/Latch up/EMC protection
  • for high voltage and BCD processes
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  • On-chip ESD/EOS/Latch up protection
  • for advanced and low voltage processes
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  • Circuit Design solutions
  • for increased robustness and higher ratings


  • FinFET technology

  • Protecting chip interfaces in FinFET nodes against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) needs dedicated attention. Sofics has verified its ESD protection clamps on several FinFET technologies. Proven technology, broad solution spectrum, beyond standard performance boosts your competitive advantage

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  • IoT applications

  • Semiconductor devices used in Internet of Things (IoT) applications require special attention to ensure they are protected against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) events. Most IoT chips need low-leakage solutions. Several have unique IO requirements. Many devices end up in harsh environments.

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  • Wired, wireless and optical communication

  • Most of the high-bandwidth interfaces cannot be protected with the conventional ESD solutions. They need low-parasitic capacitance, extra care for sensitive transistors and typically operate at a voltage below the IO voltage. Check out Sofics technology, used in 30+ projects.

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  • Automotive applications

  • Automotive electronics used in safety critical like applications have severe ESD/EOS and EMC requirements. Another type of automotive electronics is used for ADAS, infotainment. These are manufactured in advanced CMOS or FinFET technology that is easily damaged during ESD stress.

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  • Medical applications

  • Semiconductor companies developing medical products frequently need non-standard I/Os and ESD protection. Think about pace makers, implanted hearing aids, sensors on patches. Semiconductors are used in new locations, are hard to replace and need low-power circuits

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  • Radiation hard electronics

  • Semiconductor devices that are used at high elevation (airplanes, drones) or in space need special attention for every circuit but certainly the I/Os and ESD protection cells due to enhanced radiation. This is also relevant for semiconductor devices used in nuclear particle research (Cern) or nuclear facilities.

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  • Sofics BV

  • Sint-Godelievestraat 32

  • 9880 Aalter, Belgium

  • Phone: +32 9 21 68 333

  • Email: info@sofics.com

  • Israel

  • N.R.G. Technologies

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Phone: +972 54 4501404

  • Email: israel@sofics.com

  • China

  • Shanghai Lomicro Information Technology Co.,Ltd

  • Shanghai, China

  • Phone: +86 21 5433 1952

  • Email: info@lomicro.com


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