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Top-10 Semiconductor company

“We had faced many ESD problems which could not be solved easily two decades ago, especially on thin gate oxide process. Now, few ESD problems appear in our IC development, thanks to ESD protection technology that has been licensed from Sofics.”
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Ryo Ogura

“Smaller ICs can help LCD display manufacturers meet the cost pressures they face, and also offer an opportunity to develop even more compact designs. Our engineers achieved this breakthrough IC design for our customers just 8 months after we implemented the new technology, with no redesigns required.”
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Naoyuki Shigyo

“We’ve had consistent success in designing more compact, higher-performance ESD protection into our ICs with TakeCharge. We will continue to collaborate with Sarnoff to develop solutions for our future processes such as 45nm and 32nm.”
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Akira Nakamura

“Ricoh is committed to delivering high-performance, cost-effective products to our customers. We are reinforcing that commitment by adding TakeCharge technology to our extensive IC design resources.”
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